Tuesday, May 07, 2013

CBS: "Contact your state's geological survey about sinkholes"

 CBS Sunday Morning broadcast an extensive piece this week on sinkholes with spectacular footage from around the world, featuring Florida State Geologist Jon Arthur.     They added this link to their accompanying on-line story:   “Contact your state's geological survey about sinkholes at stategeologists.org

Friday, May 03, 2013

Rep. Betty McCollum receives 2013 AASG Pick & Gavel Award

The recipient of the 2013 Pick and Gavel Award from AASG is Congresswoman Betty McCollum of Minnesota.

The presentation was made at the Pick and Gavel Banquet at the Cosmos Club in Washignton DC, on March 12th.

Minnesota State Geologist Harvey Thorleifson said that in a decade in Congress, she has emerged as an influential advocate for issues such as safe drinking water.

"She has worked closely with the National Ground Water Association, for example to advance development of a national groundwater monitoring network.

Betty is a member of the House Interior appropriations subcommittee, and she has gone to bat for us in very real ways in multiple years, with significant results regarding StateMap and Data Preservation funding.

She also has spoken up for geologic mapping in USGS budget hearings - this was noticed and later commented upon by USGS managers.

Betty is very highly regarded, for example in the Minnesota water science and policy community."

John C. Frye Award goes to Montana Bureau of Mines & Geology publication

The recipients of the 2014 John C. Frye Environmental Geology Award will be Elizabeth Meredith, John Wheaton, and Shawn Kuzara,  for the publication “Coalbed Methane Basics: Ten years of lessons from the Powder River Basin, Montana,” published by Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology as Information Pamphlet 6 in 2012.

The Frye Award is presented annually by the  Geological Society of America in cooperation with the Association of American State Geologists (AASG), for the best paper on environmental geology published either by GSA or by one of the state geological surveys.

 The award will be presented at the GSA Annual Meeting in October in Denver.