Friday, April 29, 2011

Alabama Survey down, but not out, due to tornadoes

We heard from Alabama State Geologist Nick Tew this morning that all members of the Alabama Geological Survey are safe and the Survey expects to be up and running in a couple of days. The GSA should get back email and other utilities soon, although the University of Alabama may close for the rest of this semester. Some parts of Tuscaloosa are completely destroyed with early reports of as many as 100 dead.

Update (4-29-11, 12n, EDT): Nick Tew reports power and internet has been restored to the Survey. He also passed along this update:

We have some of our folks who have severely damaged homes, but all are ok, physically. There are parts of Tuscaloosa that have been utterly devastated and whole neighborhoods have been wiped off the map. A major commercial area was destroyed, but downtown and the University are ok. We won’t know the total death toll for some time to come, but it’s bad. Many, many are homeless and have nothing left.

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