Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Nicholas Hayman, Oklahoma Geological Survey Director

The new director of the Oklahoma Geological Survey is Dr. Nick Hayman, who previously worked at the Institute for Geophysics at the University of Texas. He follows former director Jerry Boak who retired in 2019. Nick’s research has addressed the oceanic lithosphere, continental margins, and trench settings as well as fundamental properties of sediments and rocks. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Washington.

Friday, June 12, 2020

AASG takes steps to more actively oppose racism

In the context of the present national and international outcry over continuing unjust treatment toward people of color in this country, the Association of American State Geologists, during our annual meeting held the week of June 8th, 2020, took steps to ensure that we will more actively face injustices and commit to challenging and changing the biases that lead to discriminatory practices against people of color.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

David Wunsch to serve on the National Petroleum Council

David R. Wunsch, State geologist and Director of the Delaware Geological Survey has been invited by U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette to serve on the National Petroleum Council (NPC), representing the American Geosciences Institute (AGI). David is the President-Elect of AGI. The NPC is a federally chartered and privately funded advisory committee established by President Truman in 1946 to provide advice, information and recommendations on matters related to the oil and gas industries. David will serve a two-year term on the council. Source

John Yellich, AASG President, 2020-2021

On July 1st, 2020, John Yellich, Director of the Michigan Geological Survey, will be the 2020-2021 AASG President. John received his bachelor's and master's degrees from Western Michigan University, and his professional geologist certification from the American Institute of Professional Geologists. Previously John had more than forty years of geologic experience in mineral exploration and development, environmental consulting, business operations, and safety compliance. He has worked in more than thirty states conducting mineral and petroleum assessments in the United States, Canada, Australia and China. Source: WMU

AASG Presidential Award to Dick Berg

On June 11th, 2020, AASG President Richard Ortt of Maryland presented the AASG Presidential Award to Dick Berg, State Geologist of Illinois, for his steadfast service to AASG over the past year. Dick is AASG Editor, and he has helped in many additional ways, as he has for many years

AASG 2020 Annual meeting, completed online!

The 2020 Annual Meeting of the Association of American State Geologists was very successfully completed online, on June 10th and 11th, 2020. All customary business was completed. New Members and new Associates were welcomed. The passing of former State Geologists over the past year was recognized. Reporting, budget, and audit was tended to. Reports were received, and actions were taken. The new Executive was elected. We are looking forward to awesome Annual Meetings in Nevada in 2021, and Colorado in 2022. All is well, despite the pandemic

Thursday, June 04, 2020

DMT 2020, online, June 8-10

The Digital Mapping Techniques workshop brings together scientists, cartographers, and GIS specialists, from States, Federal agencies, Universities, the private sector, and international colleagues. This annual series of workshops began in 1997. It is a highly regarded venue that has contributed to the development and evolution of digital mapping techniques, standards, and guidelines in the US and internationally.

The DMT'20 workshop will be held June 8-10, 2020, as a virtual event - two 90-minute sessions per day, including lightning talks, 20-minute presentations, discussion sessions, and a Map Blast. A Proceedings volume will be published, as was done from 1997 to 2012. You're welcome to attend!

Please register herehttps://www.isgs.illinois.edu/dmt/2020

2019 Association of American State Geologists (AASG) Journal

AASG Editor Dick Berg, State Geologist of Illinois, working with his highly capable staff, has released the 2019 AASG Journal, which outlines the ongoing, comprehensive role played by state geological surveys across the USA. The Journal illustrates the earlier quantitative report by AASG Statistician Jerry Boak, State Geologist of Oklahoma, who reported last year that funding to state geological surveys in FY18 was stable as a whole at $231 million, and total staffing was at 1853 person-years. A slight increase was projected for FY19. Gender balance among geoscientists is gradually rising, and is now at 28%. The Journal is available here:

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Steve Bohlen, State Geologist of California

Beginning June 1, 2020, Steve Bohlen will serve as State Geologist and head of the California Geological Survey. He is a Dartmouth College alum, and he received a Ph.D. in geochemistry from University of Michigan in 1979. Previously, Steve has been with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, he served as State Oil and Gas Supervisor in 2014/2015, and he has served with USGS, the Joint Oceanographic Institutions, and Stony Brook University. Welcome Steve!

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Bill Haneberg appointed to NGAC

The Department of the Interior has appointed William Haneberg, State Geologist of Kentucky, to serve on the National Geospatial Advisory Committee (NGAC). NGAC provides advice and recommendations on national geospatial policy and management issues, the development of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI), and the implementation of the Geospatial Data Act of 2018.

Monday, April 20, 2020

Acting State Geologist for Vermont, Jon Kim

Jon Kim will serve as Acting State Geologist for Vermont. Jon has a PhD in Geology (1996) from SUNY Buffalo, an MS in Geology (1984) from the University of Southern Florida and a BS in Geology (1981) from Colgate University. He is also a registered professional Geologist in New York. Jon has worked for the Vermont Geological Survey since 1997, spent many years mapping bedrock in the state and currently leads projects for aquifer characterization and contamination issues such as PFAS and nitrates.