Thursday, June 02, 2016

Mancini to receive AGI Marcus Milling Legendary Geoscientist Medal

Ernie Mancini, former State Geologist of Alabama, will be the 2016 recipient of the AGI Marcus Milling Legendary Geoscientist Medal. Ernie is most deserving of this award, which will be officially announced at the AAPG meeting in Calgary on June 19. [Photo credit, University of Alabama]

The Marcus Milling Legendary Geoscientist Medal is given to a recipient with consistent contributions of high-quality scientific achievements and service to the Earth sciences having lasting, historic value; who has been recognized for accomplishments in field(s) of expertise by professional societies, universities, or other organizations; and is a senior scientist nearing completion or has completed full-time regular employment. Prior to 2007 it can been called the AGI Legendary Geoscientist Award.

[taken in part from AGI website]

Scott Tinker to receive AAPG Halbouty Award for Outstanding Leadership

The AAPG's Michael Halbouty Award for Outstanding is being given to Scott Tinker, State Geologist of Texas, and Director of the Bureau of Economic Geology at the University of Texas.  The award will be presented at the AAPG Annual Meeting in Calgary on June 19.   There is a feature article about Scott in the current issue of the AAPG Explorer magazine.  [Photo credit, BEG]

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Frye environmental geology award goes to New Mexico

The 2016 John C. Frye Memorial Award for environmental geology is being given for:
Geology and Hydrology of Groundwater-Fed Springs and Wetlands at La Cienega, Santa Fe County, New Mexico by Peggy S. Johnson, Dan J. Koning, Stacy S. Timmons, and Brigitte Felix.

According to Jon Arthur, Past President and Awards Chair of AASG, "Seven superb nominations were considered this year, all of which were excellent examples of the crucial role that state geological surveys play in society."

Utah wins AASG Mankin Award for Panguitch geologic map

Jon Arthur, State Geologist of Florida, and Past President of AASG, announced the winner of AASG’s 2016 Charles J. Mankin Memorial Award:

Geologic Map of the Panguitch 30'x60' Quadrangle, Garfield, Iron, and Kane Counties, Utah by Robert F. Biek, Peter D. Rowley, John J. Anderson, Florian Maldonado, David W. Moore, David B. Hacker, Jeffrey G. Eaton, Richard Hereford, Edward G. Sable, Harry F. Filkorn, and Basia Matyjasik.

"The Award is given each year to a nominated geological map, compilation, or report on regional, energy, or mineral resource geology published in one of the three preceding calendar years by a state geological survey.  Please join me in thanking the nominators of five outstanding award candidates.  Also join me in congratulating the nominators, winning author and co-authors at the Utah Geological Survey for producing a superb publication."