Sunday, January 19, 2014

Digital Mapping Techniques Workshop to be hosted by Delaware Geological Survey

The Delaware Geological Survey will be hosting the 2014 Digital Mapping Techniques meeting. The meeting dates are June 1-4, 2014. 

Below is an announcement of the meeting from Dave Soller (USGS) who runs the National Geologic Map Database.  Mapping and spatial technology is evolving fast, so the meeting is a great opportunity for geological survey staff to learn and share new things, and transfer technology to colleagues and friends:

The meeting will be held at the conference center on the University of Delaware’s campus, which is a short walk to downtown where many coffee shops, pubs, and eateries can be found. The meeting site will be very accessible and affordable, with 3 airports within 50 miles (with discount carriers Southwest, Frontier, and Jet Blue), regional rail service (MARC and SEPTA), and Amtrak stations minutes away; and a confluence of major east-coast interstate highways all passing through or intersecting near Newark, Delaware. We are looking forward to welcoming you and/or your staff in June!

(1)  Date and location:
            -  June 1-4, 2014
            -  University of Delaware (in Newark)
(2)  Registration and meeting website:
            -  We anticipate that Registration at that site will open in January.  I will send you a notice when it's available.
(3)  General plan for the agenda:
Sunday, June 1 -- the meeting begins in late afternoon - early evening, very casually as usual, with an icebreaker.  Poster setup may be possible during this time (we'll verify this…).
Monday, June 2 -- Oral presentations and Discussion Sessions in the morning and early afternoon.  Poster session, "Map Blast", and snacks in mid-afternoon through early evening.
Tuesday, June 3 -- Oral presentations and Discussion Sessions in the morning and afternoon.
Wednesday, June 4 -- we'll conclude (by noon) with informal discussions and presentations. 
(4)  Presentations and DIscussion Sessions:
-  If you'd like to give a presentation (oral and/or poster), please contact me by email or phone.  The following information is very helpful before we chat, and I'll need it for the final agenda:
- Title
- Author(s)
- Affiliation(s)
- a "blurb", just a few sentences, describing the subject of your talk.
-  Before the end of January, I will post to the meeting Web site the Instructions to Authors.
-  Regarding topics for the Discussion Sessions, please suggest things you'd like to discuss.  They could be subjects for a relatively quick discussion (e.g., <30 90="" challenging="" general="" minutes.="" minutes="" more="" or="" p="" that="" to="" topics="" up="" warrant="">

Even if you can't attend the meeting, we welcome your ideas and guidance regarding topics that you find most significant, and we'll try to work them into the agenda.