Monday, May 14, 2018

Bob Marvinney is the longest-serving State Geologist

Bob Marvinney, State Geologist of Maine, is the longest-serving State Geologist, having been appointed in 1995. Bob is originally from New Jersey. After studying geology in college and graduate school, he worked briefly in the oil business in Houston before joining the Maine Geological Survey.

Simon Engelhart, State Geologist of Rhode Island

Simon Engelhart has been named State Geologist of Rhode Island. Among his many contributions, Simon has done research on relative sea-level changes from Last Glacial Maximum to present, glacial isostatic adjustment modeling, coastal paleoseismology and paleogeodesy, as well as paleoenvironmental reconstruction using micropaleontology. Simon holds degrees from Durham University and University of Pennsylvania.

Tim Cowman, State Geologist of South Dakota

Tim Cowman has been named State Geologist of South Dakota. Among his many contributions, Tim has done research on the historical and recent geology of the Missouri River, including the geomorphic processes that control river dynamics, river energy distribution, and sedimentation. He has a Master's Degree in Natural Sciences from University of South Dakota, and a Bachelor's Degree in Earth Sciences and Chemistry, also from USD.