Friday, October 24, 2014

Position open for State Geologist of Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Bureau of Topographic & Geologic Survey, in the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources is seeking a Director who will also serve as State Geologist.

Full-time, senior management service position serving as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s State Geologist  responsible for directing DCNR’s statewide program of collecting, preserving and disseminating impartial information on the Commonwealth’s geology, geologic resources, and topography in order to contribute to the understanding and conservation of its land and its associated resources.  This position will actively engage with both internal DCNR staff and external entities, such as other Commonwealth agencies to encourage, foster, and develop collaborative relationships with stakeholders in state, federal, and international agencies, academic institutions, private industry and the public.  This position will also collaborate with other State Geologists in the formulation of national earth science policies, programs and related issues and will develop DCNR and statewide earth science policies and programs.  

The selected candidate should show a demonstrated successful career and experience in geologic or geologic-based program management and demonstrated skill in leading a multidisciplinary organization committed to providing information and advice to decision makers.  In addition, the candidate must demonstrate a commitment to public and/or customer service and must be able to communicate the importance of sciences to varied audiences.  Lastly, the candidate must have a high level of professional credibility and personal integrity and be able to share a practical understanding of the challenges facing society related to the geosciences, including water, environmental , earth hazard, mineral resource, and/or energy issues.

Salary range is $76,519 to $116,265 with an attractive benefits package.
Requirements:   A Master's degree in geology, hydro geology, or a related geologic specialty field; and nine years of professional experience in the geologic research field.  Four of the nine years of required experience must have included managerial and second-level supervisory experience;   or any equivalent combination of education and experience which affords the applicant the required knowledge, skills, and abilities, and includes a minimum of four years of managerial and second-level supervisory
experience.   A necessary special requirement of this position is licensure as a Professional Geologist by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, or a reciprocal jurisdiction, where there can be no exemption from such licensure as defined in Section 5, Exemption from Licensure, of the Engineer, Land Surveyor and Geologist Registration Law (as amended).

Location:   The position’s official headquarters are Middletown, PA.  However, the work location of this position will either be in Middletown, PA or Pittsburgh, PA depending on the operational need and geographical location of the selected candidate.   If headquartered in Pittsburgh, occasional travel to Middletown will be required.

Interested candidates should submit a letter of interest with a detailed resume postmarked by COB Tuesday, November 11, 2014, to:

Debbie Gray
The Bureau of Human Resources
                                                Organization Management and Staffing Services Division
                                                PO Box 8768
                                                Harrisburg, PA  17105-8768

Questions can be directed to (717) 705-1082

                                The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is an Equal Opportunity Employer
                                                                Supporting Workforce Diversity
Applicants who require an accommodation to participate in the interview should contact the Bureau of Human Resources at 717-787-8732 in advance of the interview.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

New State Geologist appointed in Idaho

Michael "Ed" Ratchford has been appointed as the State Geologist and Director of the Idaho Geological Survey, based at the University of Idaho, in Moscow.

Welcome Ed!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dr. David Wunsch recognized by AGI for Outstanding Contributions to the Understanding of Geoscience

This year the American Geosciences Institute is recognizing David R. Wunsch, Ph.D. [photo credit Delaware Geological Survey] with its Outstanding Contribution to the Understanding of Geoscience award. Through numerous outreach efforts, such as helping New Hampshire residents understand the collapse of the "Old Man on the Mountain," educating the U.S. public on the importance of groundwater and helping support the authorizing of the SECURE Water Act his accomplishments have been numerous and valuable to the U.S. public interest.

Wunsch became the State Geologist of New Hampshire in 2000, and over the next decade he grew the survey tenfold both in personnel and in budget. His implementation of the state geological mapping program led to many partnerships that brought critical local geologic information on to residents. He turned events such as the devastating loss of a state's natural symbol, the Old Man on the Mountain, and an avulsion brought on by an extreme rain event, into opportunities to educate and bring government officials, and the general public, into the field. His efforts working with the state legislature led to increased public support to protect New Hampshire's unique geological features from defacing and vandalism.

His major effort has been helping the U.S. public understand the important role groundwater plays in supporting U.S. society. He helped found a federal-level committee on the subject, and served as the Director of Science and Technology for the National Groundwater Association (NGWA), a then-AGI federation member.
His efforts supporting the SECURE Water Act, signed into law by President Obama, resulted in the initial phase of the National Ground Water Monitoring Network which currently has network of 2806 wells from 29 states representing 49 principal aquifers.

This award is presented to a person, organization, or institution in recognition of an outstanding contribution to the public understanding of geoscience. The contribution may be in geoscience or how geoscience relates to economic or environmental aspects of modern civilization. The award may be given to a geoscientist, non-geoscientist, or to an organization or an institution that is geoscientific or non-geoscientific in character.

[from the AGI announcement]