Thursday, April 01, 2010

Powell? He's on the River

A great little April Fool joke greeted staff today at the Colorado Geological Survey. They maintain a digital In/Out Board on the computer for Survey staff (lovingly referred to as the “Where’s Waldo Board.”  This morning someone had added a  list of great names from geology: 

Louis Agissiz is marked OUT - mapping in Rocky Mountain N.P.
Charles Darwin has the HMS Beagle in for service.
G.K. Gilbert is at the USGS.
James Hutton is out, attending a "present is key to the past" conference.
Pliny the Elder is in the Min Lab.
John Wesley Powell is rafting the Green River (sez "I finally got a permit!”)  [right, credit NPS]
Charles Lyell is arguing uniformitarianism with Cuvier.
William Smith is trenching a coal pit and outcrop;
And Afred Wegener is in the GIS lab.

Glad to see we still have some humor in light of our budget problems.

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