Saturday, June 04, 2011

Surviving in Louisiana - budget cuts threaten Geological Survey

The Louisiana Geological Survey is set to be cut at least 34% in the new fiscal year and the budget fully phased out in 3 years.

Alan Petzet, the Exploration Editor for the Oil & Gas Journal, wrote an op-ed for the online version of the magazine last week describing the contributions of the Louisiana Geological Survey and the budget threats it is facing.

LGS was transferred from the state's Dept. of Natural Resources in 1997 to Louisiana State University, where it focuses on oil and gas, coastal processes, geologic mapping, water, including modeling freshwater aquifers, mineral resources, and natural hazards, such as responding to Hurricane Katrina.

The LGS Resource Center contains over 60,000 well logs and 30,000 feet of drill cores.

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