Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Earth abides - we need Geological Surveys

Geological Surveys across the nation are in fiscal distress or peril. An op-ed in the Cleveland Plain Dealer makes the case for restoring state funding to the Ohio Geological Survey, by describing the economic benefits the Survey provides back to society.

An economic analysis conducted on the Survey on 2010 data shows that "the products, services and data provided by the Survey contribute an estimated $575 million to the Ohio economy -- in the recession and before the shale frenzy had gripped the state."

The case made for Ohio, is readily applicable to every other geological survey in the nation.

In response to the Ohio op-ed, well known blogger/writer Andrew Alden (About.com) observed that "Businesses and their jobs come and go, but Earth abides, and we need agencies with the state's minerals, lands and waters on their agenda."

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