Sunday, February 26, 2012

"Switch" selected Best of the Fest at Colorado Environmental Film Festival

The new energy documentary, Switch, featuring Texas State Geologist Scott Tinker was selected "Best of the Fest" at the Colorado Environmental Film Festival last night. [Right, filming geothermal energy in Iceland]

The film description in the CEEF program explains:

What will it really take, to switch from oil and coal, to their alternatives? Dr. Scott Tinker, Director of the Bureau of Economic Geology, professor of geosciences, and renowned energy lecturer, embarks on a round the world journey to answer this and related questions: If coal is dirty, why do we keep using it? Can we really clean it up? Will oil get more expensive? Will it run out? How quickly will we adopt alternatives, and which ones? How risky is hydraulic fracturing? How dangerous is nuclear? What are the biggest challenges, and most promising solutions, to our energy transition? What role does each of us play? Dr. Tinker goes inside the world's premiere energy sites for all resources, from coal to solar, and talks to leaders in government, industry and academia, exploring the world of energy like no documentary has ever done before. Test audiences have called this 'the most important energy film since An Inconvenient Truth.'

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