Saturday, April 07, 2012

Alaska Survey recruiting Energy Program Manager

Tired of sitting in front of the computer, correlating logs, and dreaming about outcrop?

The wait is over!

The Alaska State Geologic Survey (Alaska Division of Geology & Geophysical Surveys) has a position opening that they hope will be very attractive to someone that wants a field-research based management position in the geology ‘candy store’ of Alaska.

They are currently recruiting for a Geologist V to manage and lead the Energy Program here at the Alaska State Geologic Survey in beautiful warm Fairbanks. [Right, DGGS geologist Jennifer Athey. Credit, DGGS]

This is a demanding position, that will involve significant geologic field work in remote Alaska, supervision of up to 5 geologists, and setting the priorities of our Energy program.

Please forward this information to your contacts, and please be liberal with your email list. DGGS is performing a national search and is looking for a candidate that wants to make a difference in the understanding of Alaska’s complex sedimentary basins.

You can access the position details here Geologist V

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