Friday, August 24, 2012

State Geologists prominent in Induced Seismicity workshop

Two State Geologists, John Parrish (CA) and Randy Keller (OK) were members of a "blue-ribbon" panel of experts at a day-long workshop June 28th at the University of Southern California on the subject of induced seismicity.  The USC Induced Seismicity Consortium (ISC) describes the goal of the workshop to "develop and deliver an effective science-based roadmap for the best operational practices, policy decisions, regulatory processes, and public education and communication with respect to the hydraulic fracturing activities in the shale plays in the U. S. and elsewhere."

The panel was moderated by Lance Cole of the Petroleum Technology Transfer Council (PTTC) and former Wyoming State Geologist.  [Right, from left to right: Stephen M. Testa, Executive Officer of California MGB & president of AAPG MMD; Dr. John Parrish, Director and State Geologist of California and Co-Chair of the “Hazards” Committee of the Association of American State Geologists: Tim Kustic, State of California Oil and Gas Supervisor; Austin Holland,Seismologist, Sate of Oklahoma; Dr. G. Randy Keller, Director Oklahoma Geological Survey and State Geologist; and Mike Smith, Executive Director, Interstate Oil & Gas Compact Commission.  Credit, USC ISC]

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