Sunday, September 15, 2013

First Charles Mankin Award goes to Idaho Geological Survey map

The first recipient of the Charles J. Mankin Memorial Award will be  "Geologic Map of Idaho, 2012,  by Reed S. Lewis, Paul K. Link, Loudon R. Stanford, and Sean P. Long, Idaho Geological Survey Map # 9."

The newly established Charles J. Mankin Memorial Award recognizes state geological survey publications in regional, energy, or mineral resource geology, with an emphasis on surface or subsurface geologic mapping, compilations, and associated reports.

We owe a great deal to Charlie. He was Oklahoma State Geologist from 1967 to 2007, '75-'76 AASG President, '78-'79 AGI President, and 1987 Campbell Medalist. And he did so much for the good of us all, such as playing a key role in establishing STATEMAP.

Our first call for nominations over the summer resulted in an incredibly impressive set of highly worthy nominations that presented a great challenge for the selection.

The selection committee assessed uniqueness, significance as a model, and overall worthiness, with quantitative scoring on each of 1) nomination & letters, 2) project design, 3) quality of the science, 4) relevance to scientific & societal issues, 5) quality of the presentation, and 6) likely impact.

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