Sunday, September 07, 2014

Kentucky Landslide Inventory: From Design to Application

The Kentucky Geological Survey is compiling a landslide inventory database to better document the distribution and geologic context of Kentucky’s landslides. The database provides users with easy access to landslide information, raises awareness of landslide causes, and will help prevent property damage or injury. The database was used to create an online landslide information map, which provides online access to landslide data and gives users the ability to customize the map using other data layers pertinent to landslides.

The database design is based on common attributes collected by other states with active inventories and landslide hazard programs, as well as attributes necessary to document landslides in Kentucky and help with future research goals. A comprehensive landslide inventory database serves as a foundation for understanding landslide distribution, assisting land-use planning decisions, creating hazard maps, and modeling landslide susceptibility.  [Right, landslide damage along the now abandoned Ky. 10, Lewis County, Kentucky]

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