Monday, May 18, 2015

Environmental geology award to Utah Geological Survey

This year’s winner of the John C. Frye Memorial Award in Environmental Geology is, “Investigation of Land Subsidence and Earth Fissures in Cedar Valley, Iron County, Utah,” Special Study 150, Utah Geological Survey, 2014, Tyler Knudsen, Paul Inkenbrandt, William Lund, Mike Lowe, and Steve Bowman, authors. 

This award is co-sponsored by the Geological Society of America and AASG for the best nominated publication in the field of environmental geology published by a state geological survey or by GSA during the past three years.  The Utah report was selected by a three-person panel from amongst nine excellent submittals.

The award will be presented during the GSA Annual Meeting, to be held in Baltimore, MD in November 1-4 of this year.  The award will be announced at the GSA Awards Ceremony, and the award itself will be presented at the AASG Mid-Year Meeting which runs in conjunction with the GSA meeting. 

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