Thursday, October 26, 2017

Pardee session on Geologic Mapping

One of the most prominent sessions at GSA in Seattle was an AASG-cosponsored keynote called ‘Earth Anatomy Revealed: Geologic Mapping for Our Future’. Sixteen prominent speakers in four panels over four hours examined three questions: 1. What is the Role of Geoscience as a Whole, of the Sectors of the Geoscience Community, and of Geological Mapping in Responding to the Needs of Society; 2. How is Geological Mapping Applied in Order to Deliver Benefits to Society; 3. How Are New Perspectives and New Technology Improving Our Ability to Deliver Benefits to Society; and 4. How Are We Organized to Ensure That Geological Mapping Will Bring the Greatest Benefits to Society in the Future? Organizers were Darcy McPhee of USGS, Cassy Rose and Danielle Woodring of AGI, and Harvey Thorleifson of AASG. Audience members typed questions into their phones, and were able to vote for the questions they liked, allowing the moderators to direct the most popular questions to the panel.

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