Monday, December 11, 2017

10th North American 3D Geological Mapping Workshop

The 1815 William Smith geological map of England and Wales, seen as the first geological map, was 3D to the extent that it was accompanied by cross-sections. Since then, geological mapping has become fundamental to all geoscience. In the late 1990s, geological survey agencies began to more comprehensively map the thickness and properties of multiple strata, and selected deformed structures, in a 3D GIS environment. 3D models are quickly becoming the standard for assessing resource potential and geological risk for both industry and government, and are frequently used to assist with stakeholder engagement and communication. Speakers from North America, Europe, and China are confirmed. The workshop is a pre-meeting short course at RFG2018. The workshop will be held Saturday and Sunday, June 16-17, 2018, in Vancouver, Canada. The fee is $240.00, with lunches included. 

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