Thursday, October 25, 2018

Scott Tinker receives the Campbell Medal

Scott Tinker has received the 2018 AGI Medal in Memory of Ian Campbell for Superlative Service to the Geosciences, AGI’s highest award.

The AGI citation notes, for example, that Scott has served the geoscience profession admirably at many levels, including as President of AGI (2015-16), AAPG (2008-09), and AASG (2007-08), as well as in various capacities for SEPM and SEG.

The Medal honors Ian Campbell, 1959-1969 State Geologist of California, whose service to the profession touched virtually every facet of the geosciences. Campbell was a most uncommon man of remarkable candor, integrity, accomplishment, and influence as a geologist, educator, administrator, and public servant.

The Campbell Medal holds special significance for AASG, due to the role that Ian Campbell played in AASG, and due to the respect and admiration that the AASG community felt for Ian.

The Medal is presented each year to a nationally recognized, living statesman with a distinguished record of significant achievements in science, education, and administration, in support of the profession of geology and its role in society.

The award is intended to inspire us all to similarly contribute to our science, our profession, and to the public.

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