Friday, April 29, 2011

New Bedrock Geologic Map of Minnesota published

The Minnesota Geological Survey has released a new bedrock geologic map of the state.

State Geologist Harvey Thorleifson notes that "While this map has renewed our thinking comprehensively, our focus very much remains on county-scale, 1:100,000 3D mapping, which results in the geologic maps that are used in groundwater protection and other management applications – this is by far our principal role. Our County Geologic Atlas program is very active, and growing."

Ref: Jirsa, Mark A.; Boerboom, Terrence J.; Chandler, Val W.; Mossler, John H.; Runkel, Anthony C.; and Setterholm, Dale R.
, 2011, S-21 Bedrock Geologic Map of Minnesota. This map and associated digital map files supersede those provided as part of OFR-10_02.

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