Sunday, May 04, 2014

John C. Frye Award for best environmental publication goes to Nebraska Survey

The recipient of the 2014 John C. Frye Memorial Award will be:

"The Groundwater Atlas of Nebraska; Resource Atlas No. 4b/2013; Third (revised) edition" by Jesse T. Korus, Leslie M. Howard, Aaron R. Young, Dana P. Divine, Mark E. Burbach, J. Michael Jess, and Douglas R. Hallum with contributions from R.F. Diffendal, Jr. and R.M. Joeckel; edited by R.F. Diffendal, Jr.
"The third edition atlas has several unique editorial features, including an additional twenty maps and diagrams that illustrate aspects of groundwater not covered in previous editions. It also includes new chapters describing the interconnections among groundwater, surface water and the hydrochemical aspects of groundwater."
The Geological Society of America, in cooperation with the Association of American State Geologists (AASG), makes an annual award for the best paper on environmental geology published either by GSA or by one of the state geological surveys.

Each paper will be judged on its uniqueness or significance as a model of its type of work along with its overall worthiness. It is preferred that the paper be directly applicable to informed laypersons (e.g., planners, engineers). In addition, nominated papers must
  •     Establish an environmental problem or need;
  •     Provide substantive information on the basic geology or geologic process pertinent to the problem;
  •     Relate the geology to the problem or need;
  •    Suggest solutions or provide appropriate land use recommendations based on the geology;
  •     Present the information in a manner that is understandable and directly usable by geologists; and address the environmental need or resolve the problem.
[taken in part from the GSA award description and the UND news release] 

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