Saturday, June 20, 2015

AASG members go back country in Petrified Forest National Park to early Triassic excavation

The post-meeting field trip for the AASG 107th Annual Meeting held in Flagstaff, Arizona, went to Petrified Forest National Park and Meteor Crater last Thursday.

Park naturalist and paleontologist Adam Marsh led the 50+ participants on a back country hike to a Triassic 'dying ground' site that he and his team are currently excavating.   The dig area was literally covered with weathered-out bone fragments and teeth from a number of pre-dinosaur fauna as well lots of petrified wood. The prime excavation site was exposing more intact materials.   Despite the 96F temperature, we had a difficult time getting everyone to leave the stop and hike back to the bus.

The meeting was hosted by the Arizona Geological Survey.

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