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LiDAR Specialist jobs at Washington Geological Survey

State of Washington
Dept. of Natural Resources

invites applications for the position of:
ITS 3-LiDAR Specialist
SALARY: $4,237.00 - $5,557.00 Monthly
$50,844.00 - $66,684.00 Annually

OPENING DATE: 09/14/15
CLOSING DATE: 09/30/15 11:59 PM

Service, Science, Sustainability
Under the leadership of the Commissioner of Public Lands, our work at the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is done with the public’s interest in mind, which means transparency and public knowledge.  Our decisions are guided by sound science as we manage state trust lands, native ecosystems and natural resources. We support the vision of a sustainable future by protecting and managing the natural resources so future generations will have them.

DNR manages over 5 million acres of state-owned land that includes forest, range, commercial, agricultural and aquatic lands. We generate revenue that supports public schools, state institutions and county services. But managing lands is only half of our story. We also protect other public resources such as fish, wildlife, water, and provide public access to outdoor recreation. Two of our largest and most important state-wide resource protection responsibilities are fire prevention and suppression, and overseeing forest practices.

The DNR has an annual operating budget of approximately $187 million and has over 1200 permanent employees with approximately 300 additional staff hired during the summer fire season.

We have some of the most talented people in the industry.  We honor diversity in the workplace and support one another with respect and trust.  We invite you to learn more about our culture, our careers, and why some of the top forestry and natural science professionals have joined Washington DNR by visiting our DNR website.  
 ITS 3 
LiDAR Specialist

Recruitment #2015-09-7389-09163
SALARY RANGE:            $4,237 – $5,557 per month  
TYPE OF POSITION:       Permanent, Full-time.   This position is represented by the WFSE.  
Important Note:   Once appointed to this position the incumbent will be required to pay union dues or other representation fees within the first 30 days of employment.
LOCATION:                      Olympia, Washington
CLOSES:                          September 30, 2015
                                           Note: It is to your advantage to submit your materials sooner
                                           than later. Recruitment may close at any time without
                                           prior notification
This position serves as the GIS expert for the DNR-DGER LiDAR program on LiDAR derived products such as contours, aspect, slope, and shaded relief maps for use by hazard geologists, the public, and other agencies. The LiDAR Section’s main task is to maintain digital data structure, integrity, security, and performance of lidar data by collecting, storing, analyzing, and delivering high-resolution LiDAR and derivatives to the public, DNR, and other agencies and LiDAR products.  This position provides the derived LiDAR products, produces data layers for the Geology Portal, and performs additional quality control of the lidar data.  As a research project leader, they independently develop LiDAR based topographical derivatives, set priorities for product development, and act as internal consultant on derivative products.

  • BS in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) program
  • Two years of experience working in GIS creating shapefiles, geodatabases, and features
  • Two years of experience working with LiDAR data, interpretation, production (point cloud processing, etc.), and analysis
  • Demonstrated experience in GIS consultation, raster/vector analysis, system design, and technical support
  • Demonstrated experience in programing languages (Python, VB, C#, JavaScript, etc.)
  • Excellent attention to detail; must be able to analyze, edit, and modify spatial data 
  • MS in geography, GIS, informatics, computer science, geology, or closely related field
  • Four years of demonstrated working experience in GIS consultation, raster/vector analysis, system design, and technical support
  • Two years of experience in programing languages (Python, VB, C#, JavaScript, etc.)
  • Familiarity with commercial photogrammetric software packages, e.g. SocetSet
  • Duty station is the Natural Resource Building in Olympia. Incumbent is expected to work 40 hours per week within normal weekday office hours (M-F, 8:00 to 4:30).
This recruitment is open to anyone who meets the required qualifications for this position.
To be considered you must apply online at (Click on the APPLY button above)
Submit the following:
  • Attach a letter of interest describing how your experience and qualifications relate to the position profile, required and desired position qualifications, and special position requirements.  
  • Attach your Resume – do not add it into the text of the application, it must be an attachment.
  • The names of three to five professional references – you may attach a document, use the References text field in the online application, or include with resume. 
  • Carefully review your application materials before submitting. 
  • You may not reapply for this posting for 30 days.
Questions?  Please contact Dave Norman at phone number (360) 902-1439 or or e-mail us at 
By submitting the application materials you are indicating that all information is true and correct to the best of your knowledge.  You understand that the state may verify information and that untruthful or misleading information is cause for removal from applicant pool or dismissal if employed.
This announcement is published by the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR).  The DNR is an equal opportunity employer.  Persons with a disability who need assistance during the screening process or those needing this announcement in an alternative format may contact DNR Recruiting staff (360) 902-1350 or (360) 902-1097.  DNR may be contacted using the Washington State Telecommunications Relay Service (TTY) by dialing 711.

ITS 3-LiDAR Specialist Supplemental Questionnaire
* 1. Do you have a bachelors of science (BS)BS in a EM (science, technology, engineering, and math) program?

Checkbox Yes
Checkbox No
* 2. Do you have two (2) years of experience working in GIS creating shapefiles, geodatabases, and features?

Checkbox Yes
Checkbox No
* 3. Do you have two (2) years of experience working with LiDAR data, interpretation, production (point cloud processing, etc.), and analysis?

Checkbox Yes
Checkbox No
* 4. Do you have demonstrated experience in GIS consultation, raster/vector analysis, system design, and technical support?

Checkbox Yes
Checkbox No
* 5. Do you have demonstrated experience in programming languages (Python, VB, C#, JavaScript, etc.)?

Checkbox Yes
Checkbox No
* 6. Do you have excellent attention to detail?

Checkbox Yes
Checkbox No
* 7. Are you able to analyze, edit, and modify spatial data?

Checkbox Yes
Checkbox No
* 8. Where did you originally hear about this job (i.e. friend, newspaper,, specific job board website)?

* Required Question        

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