Friday, October 09, 2015

Leadership change at Indiana Geological Survey

As of October 31, 2015, John Steinmetz is resigning as the Director of the Indiana Geological Survey and State Geologist of Indiana [top - credit IGS].

Additionally and effective November 1, the Office of the Vice Provost for Research of Indiana University, the administration to which the IGS reports, has selected Dr. Todd A. Thompson to be his successor.  John will remain on staff as State Geologist Emeritus and Senior Scientist until June 30 next year.

In a message to State Geologists, John said, "It’s been a good run, made all the more fulfilling and enjoyable by my wonderful association with all of you. For the 20 years of my affiliation (3 in Montana, 17 in Indiana), I have actively engaged with The Good Association for all of the reasons it continues to thrive:  Our mutually supportive fellowship, our willingness and ability to influence federal geoscience policy, our spirit of volunteerism, the high standards of professionalism that we represent to the geoscience community, and most importantly, the strong and enduring friendships that we establish with each other.

To be sure, my participation in the AASG is one of the highlights of my career, and I am privileged to have served with you in this great institution.

This university has wisely selected Dr. Thompson, IGS Assistant Director for Research, [bottom, credit IGS] to succeed me. Many of you already know Todd from his participation at annual meetings and Liaison. He is a highly talented scientist, experienced communicator, and one who possesses the skills necessary to lead the IGS into the future. I am extremely pleased with the university’s confidence in Todd, and he has my assurance of support as he assumes his new role."

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