Friday, October 16, 2015

Jon Boothroyd, Rhode Island State Geologist

We just learned that Jon Boothroyd, Rhode Island State Geologist, died at his home this past Tuesday, October 13.  We will provide more information as we get it.

Jon was professor of geology at the University of Rhode Island and served as State Geologist as an additional duty.

From the Rhode Island Geological Survey web page:

Until 1985 Rhode Island had no formally designated State Geologist. Alonzo W. Quinn served as de facto State Geologist for many decades (1940-1977) but was not named officially. Robert L. McMaster was appointed Associate State Geologist for Marine Affairs (1975-1985) but no State Geologist was named. In 1985 the Governor appointed J. Allan Cain State Geologist, working through the Statewide Planning Program (now Division of Planning). In 1996 Cain resigned and was replaced by Jon C. Boothroyd, who established the State Geological Survey.

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