Saturday, July 31, 2010

AIPG Parker Medal to John Rold

Former Colorado State Geologist John Rold is the 2010 recipient of the Ben H. Parker Memorial Medal from the American Institute of Professional Geologists. According to AIPG:

The Ben H. Parker Memorial Medal is the Institute’s most distinguished award. It was established by the Executive Committee in 1969 in posthumous honor of a truly great leader, who devoted much of his life to improve the quality of geology and geologists and the services they provide. The medal is awarded to individuals who have long records of distinguished and outstanding service to the profession.

The most important criterion for this medal is a continual record of contribution to the profession of geology. A wide variety of contributions can be considered, such as (a) the education and training of geologists, (b) professional development of geologists, (c) service to the Institute, (d) leadership in the surveillance of laws, rules, and regulations affecting geology, geologists, and the public, and (e) activity in local and regional affairs of geologists.
John was director of the Colorado Geological Survey from 1969 - 1992. Phoito credit CGS.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations, John. We first met about a month after I came to Colorado to teach in 1971. At that time, you had only gotten the Survey up and running again for a couple of years following its dormancy of more than 40 years. But, already you were doing great things in the area of geological hazards. Your talk at the university made me an instant fan of CGS and I followed with great interest the remarkable accomplishments through your next couple of decades.

The battles over protecting people from geological hazards were occasionally titanic, but usually came out on your side, i.e. good triumphing over evil. The early studies and publications by CGS on coalbed methane in the 70s and 80s proved valuable guides for future development, not only in Colorado, but the nation. Today 40% of Colorado’s prolific natural gas production comes from coalbed methane and we have the largest reserves of CBM in the nation. A similar story occurred in geothermal exploration. Today’s resurgence of interest in geothermal in Colorado relies heavily on the more than 30 publications on geothermal in Colorado by CGS under your leadership. You provided a home in the mid 80s for the Colorado Avalanche Information Center which continues its strong record of saving lives and property.

John, you more than deserve this award because you not only have a continual record of contribution to our profession, but more importantly to me,-- a continual record of contribution toward the safety and well being of the people of Colorado.


Vincent Matthews
State Geologist and Director
Colorado Geological Survey